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Solar Panel Cleaning
Why have your Solar panels cleaned?

Systems can loose up to 40% efficiency depending on debris build up and surrounding environment. i.e marine layer, smog, arid conditions (dry).

Gutter Cleaning
 Rinsing them off will not clean them properly. Our  reach and wash system will safely scrub all layers of dirt and debris through our 3 stage water filter system. Call us for more details and for pricing. 
Dangers of clogged gutters

Not maintaining your gutter and down spouts can create a number of problems and dangers. 

Rodents and pest can make homes in debris filled gutters.
• Dry debris and leaves can be a fire hazard
 • Without proper water flow roofs can leak i.e. flat roofs.
 • Wet debris becomes extremely heavy, creating stress on the gutter system that it wasn't designed  to hold. Which can create other damage to roof eves.
• Mold will start to form and grow
Call Now (619) 254-9296